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Hornell Police Department detail work on July 6 and 7

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Officers work to protect four-legged friends and residents of the Maple City

Fromt the Hornell Police Department,

12:06am  Property Check.

12:07am  Property Check.

12:10am  Property Check.

12:12am  Property Check.

12:17am  Property Check.

12:20am  Property Check.

12:24am  Hornell St. Assist Citizen. Subject locked out of house. Assistance rendered.

2:24am    2am to 6am parking tickets.

3:30am    Genesee St. Traffic Stop. 2 UTTs issued.

7:02am    Headquarters. Assist Citizen. Fingerprints for employment. Assistance rendered.

9:03am    Lowes. Vehicle Lockout. Assistance rendered.

12:03pm  Headquarters. Found Property.

12:46pm  Headquarters. Issued Handicapped parking permit.

1:07pm    Hornell Plaza. Animal Complaint. Dog in vehicle. Windows were down dog was not in distress. Owner advised.

1:32pm    Harassment complaint. Subject advised to cease actions.

2:00pm    Hartshorn St. Check Welfare. Subject located and was ok.

2:26pm    Howard St. Alarm. Alarm was false.

2:42pm    City Lot 3. Check welfare. Subject lying in grass. Subject waiting for a bus.

2:46pm. Hornell Plaza. Suspicious Condition. Subject cutting wire from a spool near new hotel. Subject found to be a worker.

3:30pm   Howard St. Assist Citizen. Having problems with alarm. Officer assisted.

3:39pm   Park Dr. Juvenile Incident. Parties advised.

4:17pm  Main St. Vehicle Lockout. Assistance rendered.

4:47pm   Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

5:00pm  East Main St.  Juvenile Incident. Subjects on roof. Parents advised of the incident.

6:48pm   Hartshorn St. Check. Welfare. Subject spoken to. All ok.

6:48pm   Elizabeth St. Arrest for domestic violence.

8:13pm    East Washington St. Disturbance. Parties advised of their rights.

9:22pm    Elizabeth St. Narcotics Activity. Juveniles using drugs on Elizabeth St. Unfounded.

9:57pm    Elizabeth St. Disturbance. Subjects shooting paintballs at house. Investigation Opened.

10:22pm   Stephens St. Check Welfare. Subject spoken to. All ok.

11:22pm    Hartshorn St. Mental Health. Subject transported to St. James for evaluation.

11:47pm    Property Check.

11:56pm    Property Check.

12:04am Elizabeth St. Disturbance. Parties advised of the complaint.

12:44am Property Check.

12:58am Property Check.

1:02am   Property Check.

2:08am  2a-6a parking tickets

3:11am  Property Check.

3:16am  Property Check.

3:30am  Property Check.

8:41am  Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

9:33am  Seneca St. Vehicle Lockout. Assistance rendered.

9:36am  Church St. Court. Check Welfare. Subject spoken to. Denied medical attention.

9:39am  Headquarters. Background check for Hornell Housing.

10:09am Genesee St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

10:27am Ransom St. Field Interview Report.

11:03am East Ave. Found Property. Owner advised.

11:40am Main St. Lost Property. Officer located property and returned it to owner.

12:56pm Stephens St. Endangering the welfare of a child. Investigation opened.

1:44pm   Headquarters. Fingerprints for employment.

2:07pm   Main St. Larceny Complaint. Investigation opened.

2:24pm   Headquarters. Handicapped parking permit issued.

2:26pm   Washington St. Animal Complaint. Unattended dog. Unable to locate.

3:02pm   Howard St. Found Property. Placed in found property locker.

4:02pm  East Ave. Harassment Complaint. Subject advised to cease actions.

4:25pm   Oak St. Parking Complaint. Vehicle moved at request officer’s request.

4:37pm   Canisteo St. Animal Complaint. Dogs possibly left alone for a few days. Unfounded, owner had relative checking in and caring for them.

5:06pm   Stephens St. Assist Other Agency. Officers assisted Child Protective Services.

5:19pm   Catherine St. Check Welfare. Officer spoke with subject.

6:31pm   Canisteo St. Assist Other Agency. Officers assisted Child Protective Services.

7:15pm   Wells St. Noise Complaint. Music turned down at officer’s request.

7:37pm   Thacher St. DPW Notify. Water running in basement. DPW notified.

7:52pm   Catherine St. Mental Health. Subject transported to St. James.

8:20pm   Wells St. Missing Person. Subject returned home.

8:20pm   Elizabeth St. Property Dispute.  Parties spoken to.

9:07pm   Elizabeth St. Suspicious Condition. Officers checked area.

9:10pm   Elizabeth St. Trespass Complaint. Subject advised to stay off neighbor’s property.

9:35pm   Scott St. Criminal Mischief. Broken window. Prosecution denied.

10:55pm Maple City Drive. Disturbance. Both parties advised of their rights.

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