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Shawn Hogan: Response to Mr. Paul Van Caessle So called Endorsement of City Republican Candidates

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Hogan is the Chairman of the Steuben County Democratic Party,

Having spent close to 50 years in service to this community, 37 years as an elected official (5 years School Board) 32 years as Mayor of the City of Hornell and almost 6 years as a consultant to the City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency.  I must speak out against Mr. Van Caessle’s warped view of our political process here locally. 

I remind voters that Mr. Van Cassle expressed a sympathetic view of the actions of the insurrectionists on January 6, 2021, I refer you to his quote in the Evening Tribune now the Spectator in response to the attempt to overthrow our government.  His attacking the media and accusing it of spreading elitest propaganda is pretty scary stuff.  Instead of explaining what his Republican candidates are for and how they will govern, he wants to pedal nonsense.   What are the perverse principles he references in his statement ?  Who is trying to cancel who ? What he is promoting, is one party rule.  If you do not agree or share his values or Ideology then you are an extreme fringe Idealist.

I ask all voters, who is promoting divisive fringe politics?    Mr. Van Caessle should be ashamed of this so-called statement of endorsement; people are tired of this divisive rhetoric .  We should all stand up and speak out against his attempt to pull down this community.  When someone shows you what he is all about , believe them.

Peace and Hope,

Shawn D. Hogan

Steuben County Democratic Chairman

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