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Hornell City Police Reports, October 11-13

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Officers in the Maple City contend with youth violence, animal control


12:28 AM            Property check

12:44 AM            Property check

12:57 AM            Female picking up glass on Mill Street. Spoke with female no assistance needed

12:57 AM            Property check

01:18 AM            Property check

01:28 AM            Property check

02:57 AM            Property check

03:03 AM            2A-6A parking tickets issued

03:22 AM            Property check

05:51 AM            Report of MVA on Main Street, third party report no MVA located

08:10 AM            School detail

08:43 AM            Motor vehicle stop on Maple City Drive

10:07 AM            Male yelling on Elizabeth Street. Upset due to a window, will be quiet for now

02:00 PM             90 sex offender registration at Police Headquarters

02:05 PM             5 Subpoenas entry at Police Headquarters

03:23 PM             Landlord/tenant issue on Hill Street. All parties advised of their rights

03:32 PM             Found property on W. Vanscoter. Returned to owner

03:48 PM             Parking complaint on Elizabeth Street

04:21 PM             Parking complaint on Main Street

06:40 PM             Juvenile complaint at Bryant School playground. All parties spoken to

08:47 PM             Property check

08:55 PM             Community engagement at High School for bonfire

09:11 PM             Interview with group of juveniles at Preston Ave underpass

09:16 PM             Report of altercation that happened at High School bonfire. Investigation opened

09:42 PM             Motor vehicle accident on William Street. Report given to operator


12:13am   Property Check.

12:15am   Property Check.

12:19am   Property Check.

12:20am   Property Check.

12:30am   Property Check.

12:41am   Property Check.

12:45am   Property Check.

1:21am     Property Check.

1:39am     Property Check.

2:19am     Property Check.

2:20am     2am-6am parking tickets.

2:46am     Seneca St. Suspicious Condition. Check of area all ok.

8:14am     School Detail.

8:22am     Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. UTT issued.

8:45am     Seneca St. Juvenile Incident. Assigned to SRO.

8:58am     Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. 2 UTT’s issued.

9:32am     Emmett St. Civil Matter. Parties advised of options.

9:39am     River St. Motor Vehicle Complaint. Patrol advised.

11:24am   Maple City Drive. Disabled Vehicle. Vehicle moved from intersection.

11:32am   Maple St. Traffic Stop. Utt issued.

12:54pm   Headquarters. Dismiss UTT.

1:35pm     Maple St. Assist other Agency. Assistance rendered.

1:50pm     Genesee St. Motor Vehicle Complaint. Patrol advised.

2:15pm     Erie Ave. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

3:54pm     Buffalo St. Family Court Matter. Subject advised of options.

4:21pm    Terry St. Juvenile Incident. Parties spoken to.

4:49pm    East Washington St. Harassment. Subject advised of options.

4:54pm    Broadway. Found Property. Placed in found property locker.

4:59pm    Buffalo St. Check Welfare. Subject located and ok.

5:04pm    Genesee St. Disturbance. Parties advised of the complaint.

5:13pm    Maple City Drive. Neighbor Dispute. Parties advised of the complaint.

5:44pm    Terry St. Juvenile Incident. Parties spoken to.

6:08pm    River St. Larceny Complaint. Investigation opened.

6:46pm    Headquarters. Dismiss UTT.

6:59pm    Sawyer St. Disturbance. Parties advised of complaint.

7:02pm    Collier St. Animal Complaint. Dogs left area.

7:25pm    Center St. Suspicious Condition. Patrol advised.

8:52pm    Warrants entered into computer system.

8:59pm    Four warrants recalled.

9:10pm    Steuben Square. Found Property. Property returned to owner.

9:45pm    Property Check.

9:55pm    Property Check.

10:16pm  Hornell Plaza. Larceny. Investigation opened.


12:57am   Property Check.

1:04am     Buffalo St. Residential Lockout. Access gained.

1:06am     Property Check.

1:10am     Property Check.

1:11am     Park Drive. Suspicious Vehicle. Subjects sent on way.

1:16am     Property Check.

1:46am     Property Check.

2:06am     Park Dr. Suspicious Person. Subject sent on way.

2:51am    2am-6am parking tickets.

3:01am    Property Check.

3:10am    Property Check.

7:08am    Stephens St. Parking Complaint. Parking tickets issued.

7:08am    Pearl St. Animal Complaint. Unable to locate dogs.

8:15am    School detail.

8:15am    Court paperwork delivered.

9:48am    Fairlawn Ave. Animal Complaint. Dog turned over to Humane Society.

11:16am Hornell St. Harassment Complaint. Report taken.

12:24pm State St. Hazardous Condition. Hazard removed from roadway.

1:11pm   Hornell St. Criminal Contempt. Parties advised.

2:54pm   Headquarters. Dismiss UTT

3:14pm   Front St. Motor Vehicle Accident. No report needed.

3:54pm   Crosby St. Animal Complaint. Unable to locate owner.

4:13pm   Main St. Assist Hornell Partners for Growth.

4:17pm   Emmett St. Assist Citizen. Referred to civil court.

4:27pm   Headquarters. Warrant entry.

4:47pm   Headquarters. Dismiss UTT.

5:27pm   Property Check.

5:35pm   Property Check.

5:40pm   Headquarters. Dismiss UTT.

7:35pm   High School. Community Engagement.

10:06pm N. Church St. Deceased Animal. Removed from roadway.

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