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By Douglas Sciorra

Hornell Police report on Halloween patrols

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Officers deal with a dog bite, suspicious cemetary activity, and a major arrest


1:11am     Property check.

1:17am     Property check.

1:22am     Property check.

1:31am     Property check.

1:40am     Property check.

1:57am     Property check.

2:03am     Property check.

2:09am     Property check.

5:05am     Parking ticket issued on W. Genesee St.

5:14am     Vehicle lockout ay Hornell Plaza. Access gained.

7:30am     School detail.

7:51am     Alarm on Main St. False alarm.

8:28am     Motor vehicle/deer accident on West Main St. Report completed.

10:21am   Disturbance on W. Genesee St. Subject advised of the complaint.

10:43am   Trespass complaint on W. Genesee St. Subject advised of options.

1:30pm     Assist citizen on Maple City Drive. Assistance rendered.

1:31pm     Dog bite on Catherine St. Dog Bite form completed.

2:39pm     Motor vehicle accident on Park Dr. Report completed.

2:51pm     Headquarters. UTT dismissal.

3:55pm     Headquarters. UTT dismissal.

4:13pm     Traffic stop in City Lot 1. UTT issued.

4:40pm     Property check.

4:55pm     Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

5:27pm     Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

6:45pm     Headquarters. UTT dismissal.

7:07pm     Suspicious person on McDougal Ave. Check of area proved negative.

9:56pm     Check welfare on Jane St. Subject located and ok.

11:18pm   Suspicious truck in St. Ann’s cemetery. Vehicle left area prior to officer’s arrival.

11:20pm   Assist citizen on Maple City Drive assistance rendered.


12:22am     Property check.

12:30am     Property check.

12:46am     Disturbance in City Lot 3. Subject advised of the complaint.

1:02am       Property check.

1:15am       Property check.

1:28am       Property check.

1:43am       Property check.

1:51am       Property check.

2:00am       Property check.

5:10am       Traffic stop on W. Main St. UTT issued.

7:50am       Patrol request on Seneca St.

8:12am       Larceny complaint on Elizabeth St. Investigation opened.

8:18am       School detail.

8:52am       Halloween parade for Intermediate school.

9:01am       Assist citizen on William St. Assistance rendered.

9:30am       Found dog on E. Washington St. Humane Society contacted.

9:41am       Headquarters. UTT dismissal.

10:24am     Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

10:46am     Medical emergency on River St. HPD assisted HFD.

10:51am     Traffic stop East Ave. UTT issued.

11:00am     Traffic stop on Seneca St. UTT issued.

11:27am     Arrest of male subject on Collier St. for Burglary in the Third Degree, Grand Larceny in the Third Degree (2 Counts), Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree, and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Seventh Degree.

11:36am     Court paperwork delivered.

11:36am     Headquarters. UTT dismissal.

12:10pm    Headquarters. Handicapped parking permit issued.

1:36pm      Harassment complaint on East Ave. Subject advised of options.

2:51pm      Headquarters. UTT dismissal.

4:08pm      Headquarters. UTT dismissal.

4:36pm      Larceny of a scooter on State St. Property was returned to owner.

4:45pm     Dogs running loose on East Ave. Dogs returned to owner.

5:03pm     Traffic stop East Main St. UTT issued.

5:05pm    Vehicle lockout on Ontario St. Access gained.

5:13pm    Deceased cat on Main St. Cat disposed of.

5:15pm    Disturbance on Stephens St. Subject left upon request.

5:38pm    Traffic stop on Canisteo St. UTT issued.

6:04pm    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

6:12pm    Disturbance on East Ave. Subject left upon request.

6:41pm    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

6:44pm    Neighbor complaint on N. Church St. Request same documented.

6:58pm    Open manhole on Summer St. DPW notified.

7:23pm    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

8:31pm    Traffic stop on Main St. UTT issued.

8:45pm    Traffic stop on Main St. UTT issued.

9:15pm    Property check.

9:34pm    Property check.

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