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By Douglas Sciorra

Hornell Police Department work for November 3 & 4

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Dozens of traffic tickets issued, assault investigation after River Street incident


12:20am     Property check.

12:32am     Property check.

12:48am     Property check.

1:01am       Property check.

1:40am       Property check.

1:46am       Check the welfare on Fulton St. Officers checked the residence and all ok.

2:35am       Property check.

4:49am       Check the welfare on Fulton St. Subject transported to St. James.

7:54am       Juvenile incident on Vincent St. Subjects spoken to.

8:02am       Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

8:07am       Dismissed 2 UTT’s.

8:12am       Alarm on Monroe Ave. Building secure.

8:15am       Parking complaint on Thacher St. Ticket issued.

8:50am       Dismissed UTT.

9:15am       Funeral escort.

9:27am       Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

10:21am     Background check for contractor’s permit.

10:39am     Larceny at Hornell Plaza. Male arrested for Petit Larceny.

10:50am     Vehicle lockout on East Ave. Access gained.

11:06am     Disturbance on Catherine St. Subjects advised of the complaint.

12:03pm     Harassment on N. Church St. Parties advised to cease actions.

1:00pm      Suspicious condition on Elizabeth St. involving the purchase of a cell phone.

1:03pm      Harassment complaint on Armory Place. Subject wants same documented.

1:42pm      Intoxicated person at Hornell Plaza. Subject left area.

2:34pm      Parking complaint on Stephens St. Vehicle moved by owner.

2:35pm      Larceny on Loder St. Investigation opened.

3:21pm      Parking complaint in City Lot 1. Vehicle moved by owner.

3:30pm      Juvenile incident on Buffalo St. Turned over to School Resource Officer.

3:40pm      Disturbance on Center St. Subjects left the area.

4:26pm      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

4:38pm      Handicapped parking permit issued.

4:59pm      Dismissed UTT.

5:17pm      Assisted Child Protective Services on East Washington St.

7:16pm      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

7:23pm      Property check.

7:40pm      Vehicle lockout at Hornell Plaza. Access gained.

7:48pm      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

8:05pm      Dismiss UTT.

8:07pm      Traffic stop on Main St. UTT issued.

8:21pm      Traffic stop on Canisteo St. UTT issued.

8:28pm      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

8:14pm      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

10:25pm    Harassment on Maple St. Advised of options.

10:42pm    Disturbance on Loder St. Subjects left on request.

11:23pm    Suspicious person on Main St. Subject was gone upon arrival of officer.


12:02am    Assault complaint on River St. Investigation opened.

1:21am      Fight on River St. Subjects separated and sent on way.

1:52am      Vehicle lockout on Jane St. Access gained.

2:00am      Property checks.

2:05am      Property checks.

2:10am      Property check.

2:11am      Property check.

2:23am      Property check.

2:50am      Property check.

3:10am      Property check.

6:11am      911 hangup call on Hornell St. Child playing with phone.

7:46am      Traffic stop on Loder St. UTT issued.

10:04am    Traffic stop on Seneca St. 2 UTT’s issued.

10:14am    Disturbance on N. Main St. Parties separated and advised of complaint.

10:26am    Larceny complaint on Main St. Handled civilly.

11:47am    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. 3 UTT’s issued.

12:42pm    911 hang up call on Canisteo Square. Accidental dial.

12:49pm    Disturbance on Canisteo St. Parties separated and calmed down.

2:21pm      Disturbance at Hornell Plaza. Subject advised to stay off property.

2:39pm      Found debit card on Main St. Returned to owner.

2:40pm      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

3:08pm      Alarm on Genesee St. False alarm.

4:14pm      Harassment on Fulton St. Caller advised of options.

4:29pm      Motor vehicle complaint on Park Dr. Patrol advised.

5:11pm      Vehicle lockout on Terry St. Access gained.

5:13pm      Motor vehicle accident at Hornell Plaza. No report requested.

5:57pm      Check welfare on Cottage Ave. All ok at the residence.

5:59pm      Traffic stop on West Main St. UTT issued.

6:35pm      Check welfare on Erie Ct. Subject located and ok.

6:55pm      Traffic stop on Elizabeth St. UTT issued.

8:52pm      Disturbance on Hornell St. Parties advised of their options.

9:45pm      Parking ticket issued on Loder St.

10:18pm    Property check.

10:59pm    Harassment complaint. Unable to make contact with 2nd party.

11:55pm    Traffic stop on East Ave. UTT issued.

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