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Column: A Cornerstone of understanding

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Dr Joel Moskowitz, Director of the California University School of Public Health recently unveiled a study

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Previous articles, over the past 8 months, have examined issues pertaining to  negative biological effects to all living beings from microwave emitting telecommunications devices and electromagnetic fields. Access to proof of such wide-spread pollution and how it affects us and nature. Links have been cited  to peer reviewed published scientific studies and health reports. Nation-wide federal lawsuits have been deliberated in high courts.

As a result, The Federal Communications Commission  (FCC) has been court ordered to revise and update their public exposure levels.  FCC Regulations, which have taken away local rights to review and intervene, have overstepped the legislated intents of the Federal Telecommunications Act. In defiance of the courts, a recent government statement declared that there will not be any revision of the FCC public microwave exposure guidelines.  The Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) has also been admonished in court for not following their legally mandated responsibilities to advise and inform the public of known microwave radiation dangers.  

In response, a FDA special team of 15 officials, scientists and specialists took 6 months in reviewing the issue. The study group recently announced that they were not able to decide if the FDA should follow their charter and the rule of federal law they exist under, or not. These failures of federal and state agencies including  governance do not come as any big a surprise.. A Harvard Press report clearly identifies how government regulatory agencies are being ‘captured’ by the industries they are supposed to regulate. 

A proverbial revolving door is blatantly circulating industry plants into government appointed high level regulatory agency positions then back again to a lucrative position in industry. Lobbyists, expend billions operating behind the scenes to insure the doors keep turning.  

Federal, state and local governing bodies as well as industry, have failed to inform and protect the public from over exposure to microwave and electromagnetic radiation. This situation can be remedied by building an understanding based on truth and the founding of a commitment to act accordingly.

Placement of a cornerstone is suitable for such an occasion. Dr Joel Moskowitz, Director of the California University School of Public Health recently unveiled a study by Dr. Henry Lai, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington and member of the International Commission on the Biological effects of EMF. 

Dr Moskowitz  summarized Dr. Lai’s work stating the report, “ has compiled summaries of the research on the biological effects of exposure to radio frequency (RFR) and extremely low frequency(ELF) and static electromagnetic fields (EMF). The new update covers the period from 1990 to January 2024. Dr Lai reports that the preponderance of the research has found that exposure to RFR, or ELF-EMF produces oxidative effects or free radicals and damages DNA. Moreover the preponderance of studies that examined genetic, neurological and reproductive outcomes has found significant effects.” Dr Lai’s extensive review contains about 1,500 studies and his conclusions are suitable for placement as a cornerstone for  truth.

The full report is available at:

Fred Sinclair is a writer from Allegany County NY. Contact Fred Sinclair anytime at

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