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Filling up the tank in the Canisteo Valley: Why is gas more expensive ?

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Trying to explain the price difference between Corning and Arkport. Hornell Mayor Buckley comments…

By Andrew Harris, data via

A reader asked a pretty good question last week. Why is gas so much more expensive in Hornell NY ?

A quick look at the average prices across the Southern Tier today, 1/29/24, by location, excluding Native American owned stations. The NYS average price per gallon for regular grade gas is $3.23.

Hornell/Arkport/Canisteo NY $3.59

Bath NY $3.32

Corning NY $3.27

Wellsville NY $3.49

Elmira NY $2.97

Olean NY $3.46

The price differences really ad up if you are a commuter. A twenty gallon tank fillup in Corning is $65.40, in Arkport would be $71.80. Gas prices per gallon are ten cents lower in smaller markets like Wellsville when compared to Hornell.

With no obvious link to population or proximity to major highways, we asked Hornell Mayor John Buckley if a local tax or restriction causing the price discrepency ?

Mayor Buckley

“The City of Hornell does not impose a tax on gasoline. I’ve heard some people over the years mention a “city gas tax,” but that is false. However, there are several gasoline taxes such as federal, NYS, and county sales tax that are included when you go to fill up. 

While the City does not regulate or monitor prices for goods and commodities, there has been a striking difference between gas prices in Canisteo, Hornell, and Arkport compared to places like Bath and Corning. I recently reached out to our congressional office and enquired about it and am very interested in hearing what they find. In any case, residents of the Canisteo valley should not be subject to inflated prices at the pump or anywhere else.”

Our cursory look at the gas prices doesn’t indicate tax, or demographics, or geography can be blamed for the high prices. Admittedly we haven’t asked or named any local gas stations for their take on the price discrepency due to inherent conflicts of interest.

We would welcome any input from gas retailers on the subject, anytime.

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