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Downtown Hornell NY: Streetscape & Alleyway Improvement Projects Update

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An updated aerial view of construction timeline in the Maple City

From the City of Hornell,

When beginning any construction project, one has to plan for unforeseen circumstances and make changes as the need arises. Such is the case in the new Streetscape and Alleyway Improvement projects as an existing conditions survey conducted prior to sidewalk demolition revealed some unexpected architectural challenges.

The survey revealed that many building basements on the North (City Hall) side of Main Street actually extend past the front of the building and under the sidewalk itself. In some cases the sidewalk is poured as an apparent roof slab of the basement. In these specific cases, a void was created under the sidewalk varying in size from 6 feet to 16 feet beyond the face of the building. This has created some unexpected challenges and will require the work of a structural engineer.

To keep the project on schedule, C.P. Ward will begin work on the South (Burger King) side of Main Street continuing around to the West side of Broadway, while a remediation plan is developed and implemented on the North side. For those following the initial project timeline boards, the South side of Main and the West side of Broadway will move to the March 4 to May 12 timeline, and the North side of Main and the East side of Broadway will move to the May 20 to July 24 timeline. We will continue to provide updates as they become available. All up-to-date information and new project boards can be found on our website:

“With any project, there may be unexpected changes or challenges,” said Mayor Buckley. “We appreciate C.P. Ward’s flexibility and dedication to keeping this project on schedule, and appreciate the understanding and cooperation from businesses, building owners and residents. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be an amazing new look to our downtown when it is finished.”

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