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Meet the famous “Ramp Guys,” who just celebrated 700 acts of pure kindness

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Volunteer group build handicap ramps for those in need

By Andrew Harris, pictured is the 2022 crew

In 1998 a group of handy folks banded together to help a neighbor in need. For $800 the installed a ramp to allow for wheelchair access to a home.

The crew that did that first ramp could never have imagined that in the process, they created a movement. Twenty six years later, the “Ramp Guys” have completed 700 acts of goodwill, compassion, and “love they neighbor.” That is ironically, an average of twenty six ramps per year!!

The NY Landquest team are big fans!!!

The need for access is hard to overstate in rural Steuben County, with an aging population that can’t afford this essential expense. Custom wheelchair ramps can cost up to ten thousand dollars and many times the need is urgent. Meet the crew who makes this happen, pictured below with the latest lucky neighbor:

For more information about the Ramp Guys or this project, please contact
Front Row left to rightBack Row left to right
1- Dale English
2- Linda Davis
3- Glenn Davis
4- Joseph Lawrence, Jr
5- Michael Wasserman
6- Henry Gottschall
7- Dale Landon
8- Matt Garrison
1- Larry Clark
2- Adam Ormsby
3- Frederick Wood
4- James Deats
5- Lanny Partridge
6- Louise Cagle
7- Pastor Barre Butts
8- Nancy Moir
9- James Young
10- Robert Kenville
11- John McLaughlin
12- Allen Belanger
13- Thomas Simms
14- Robert Edwards

 1st Ramp was built in 1998 for $800

Dan Reppert was the founding father of the Ramp Ministry.

He oversaw the building of the first 286 ramps.

Ramps are build all over Steuben County.

The original Volunteers were members of the Centenary United Methodist Church.

After the Avoca Methodist Church burned in 1996, men from Avoca Joined the Ramp Guys to repay the Bath men for helping in building the new Avoca church on Jacobs Ladder Road.

When Dan’s health prevented him from continuing the Ramp Ministry in 2011, I became the coordinator of the Ramp Guys and the administration moved to the Avoca Church.

In 2023

33 Ramps were Constructed   Worth $50,244.69

21 Ramps were Recovered allowing us to build those ramps for $22,628.32  (includes used and donated materials)

4,183.9 Man Hours were required.

Today members of the Ramp Guys come from all different walks of life and Religious Convictions. Most are retired and love to give of their time and talents to help people in need.  The dedication and fellowship of this group is just amazing. They delight in showing the Love of the Lord to their “Neighbors – in – Need”.  They are the greatest volunteers you will find anywhere.

Office of the Ageing covers costs of materials for senior citizens.

Church funds cover costs for people not eligible for other funding.

Church funds include fund raisers and donations.

Business and Organizations that help and support the Ramp Guys.

Office of the Aging

Avoca Methodist Church including the Officers and Administration.

Centenary United Methodist Church

Finger Lakes SPCA

Corning Building Company

Bath Plumbing & Hardware

Dave’s Sharping & Sales

Mercury Aircraft

Cooperation of Code Officers

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