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By Douglas Sciorra

Dr. Mauro is ready to lead Alfred State

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 Dr. Steven Mauro does not officially begin at Alfred State College (ASC) for another month but he is already preparing for his new role as the 13th President.

The people at Alfred State excite Mauro. “People bring life to an organization and I noticed something special here. A community dedicated to the same cause that I am – student-centered education. There is great education going on here with great faculty and staff. We can transform student’s lives.”

“The core of what we have now is incredible. It is high quality. It is what attracted me to a place like Alfred State. I wanted to be at a place that was doing great things. I wanted to bring my time and talent to help shape that.”

Mauro developed a passion for science beginning at LaSalle High School in Niagara Falls where he gained a deep curiosity to learn more. He credits the dedication and inspiration of his biology teacher, Anthony Quarantillo, as his inspiration. Mauro attended the University of Buffalo, received a bachelor and Ph.D. degree in Biology, and taught at SUNY Brockport, Mercyhurst University, and Gannon University before moving to the administration side of education.

Mauro believes he will continue to use the scientific approach in his new role. “In many ways in every day, I am doing some kind of science. It is just not in the lab or classroom. I am still experimenting, still trying new things and looking at what results might be and using the results to drive future action.”

“Education in the classroom can be easily translated to education across an organization. At the end of the day you are working with great people – they are starting at point A and you are bringing them to point B. You get to see growth and development. We will go through the process, assess results, see what worked and didn’t work, and improve upon that.”

Mauro is also excited to be back on a SUNY campus. “I am really proud of being a SUNY graduate and I am proud of my SUNY degree. A SUNY degree parallels any degree. The type of opportunities I got attending a SUNY school were phenomenal. I see that here at Alfred State and I do not see that rivaled at many places. When you combined the opportunities with the people, you have magic that I do not think exists everywhere. I am proud to be part of SUNY again.”

Mauro has already been spending time in his new office, meeting with his new colleagues, and gaining knowledge about Alfred State.

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