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Help Wanted at the Hornell Sun

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Local news is dying nationwide, help us keep Hornell and Steuben County informed

By Andrew Harris

The Hornell Sun has had a nice adolescence, with so much support from the community and from advertisers willing to invest in our endeavor. We have been reporting daily for about six months, but it is time to grow up.

A recent story from Axios, “1 big thing: Local news crisis deepens” paints a bleak picture for the future of local news. Newspapers are being replaced with automated websites that use computer programming to select and publish the daily news. A previously trusted local news site becomes a clickbait haven with no local news at all. It doesn’t have to be this way, maybe you can help?

Are you a journalist who has been displaced by the the corporate greed that is fueling “news deserts?”

Would you like to be a journalist who works with a group focused on preserving and reporting local news?

Maybe you are a recent high school or college graduate with an interest in local news and want to be involved?

Perhaps you own a business and want a place to advertise at very reasonable rates and support the local news ?

Maybe you are just a reader who wants to see the project take off ? We appreciate any contributions to the work as this site is committed to being free of paywalls and subscriptions. Our funding strictly comes from advertisers and individual contributions. Our Paypal link is easy to find on the right margin of the site or click here.

In order to give Hornell and Steuben County the daily news it takes a community effort. The Sun is thrilled to have gotten started on the project and is ready to grow. The product is in demand, their is no shortage of news, but we are going to need some more “boots on the ground” to make this work.

Interested ? Send and email to and lets talk about the possibilities.

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