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Meet Hornell’s newest paramedic: Jackie Lewis

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Mayor Buckley and Chief Brzozowski welcome Hornell’s newest first responder

Jackie Lewis has become Hornell’s newest paramedic, after graduating from Monroe Community College in August, with her Paramedic’s Certificate.  Jackie is now certified as a New York State Paramedic as well as part of the National Registry of Paramedics. 

The City of Hornell Fire Department runs ALS Paramedic Units for the entire community.  “Jackie is a very good medic, who brings not only excellent medical skills, but a way of putting patient care first, that really sets her apart,” said Fire Chief Frank Brzozowski.  “She brings a lot to the plate and I am pleased to welcome her as a paramedic.”

In order to obtain her Paramedic’s Certificate Jackie had to complete very rigorous, in-depth course-work with many hours spent in the classroom, as well as hands on work in the Strong Trauma Center and other specialty units.  This program is designed to ensure graduates obtain a varied knowledge base along with hours of hands-on field training, preparing them for work in the field immediately upon graduation. 

“Paramedic school is very challenging; it takes hard work and dedication.  I commend Jackie for her effort and am proud to present her with the Employee Spotlight and congratulate her on her graduation”, said Mayor John Buckley

Mayor Buckley and Chief Brzozowski presented Jackie with an Employee Spotlight Certificate for “Her diligence, dedication and commitment in obtaining her Paramedic Certificate”, today at the Hornell Fire Department.

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