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Warning: Military DD214 Discharge Scam

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Veterans should file discharge papers with the county, copies are always available free

            Steuben County Clerk Judy Hunter reports veterans have recently become the target of a scam to pay outlandish fees for copies of their military discharge papers. A company out of Phoenix, Arizona, named DD214 DIRECT, is encouraging veterans to file their DD214 discharge papers with them and charges veterans $79 for a copy of their papers or $119 for an e-mail copy with a hard copy to follow!!!

            In accordance with Military Law § 250, upon discharge of service to our country, veterans should file their discharge papers with the County Clerk’s Office in the county where they reside. The original papers are always returned to the veteran. A FREE certified copy will be provided to the veteran, or parent, spouse, dependent or child of the veteran at any time. There is no reason to pay outlandish fees for these records. NYS Military Law prohibits disclosure of information on the discharge papers to anyone else without the written authorization of the veteran.

            These papers are preserved permanently and will always be available when needed.

            In addition, in Steuben County, to show our appreciation for your service, once you file your discharge papers, you are eligible for the Steuben Assists Veterans of Record Program for area Veterans. Through this program, a SAVOR card is issued which allows discounts at a variety of local businesses. Please contact the County Clerk’s Office with questions or for additional information. 607-664-2563.

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