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Lita Brown is the new Hornell City representative for the 6th Ward

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Brown replaces Jessica Cleveland who resigned to become Assistant Mayor

By Syrena Lynn Carver

Yesterday was the swearing in ceremony for Lita Brown, newest Alderperson for the 6th Ward in Hornell. Her term will end December 2023, with an election in November 2023.

Lita has worked with Hornell Concern for Youth for 6 years and is also a Prevention Educator for k-6th grades. Her agenda for the 6th Ward is “to keep things running smoothly and address concerns as they come up.”

Her thoughts on the Bryant School housing project were positive “We need housing.” Brown is going to try to promote little known resources such as Concern for Youth, the New Hope Community Center, the Food Pantry, and others.

In attendance were Mayor John Buckley, Deputy Mayor Jessica Cleveland, Hornell Judge Coddington (who performed the swearing in) Lita’s husband, Andrew Brown, their 2 children, her father Steve Schwitzer (who held the Bible for the ceremony.)

Mayor Buckley told Lita the “Alderman/woman is a local level job, helping the people in their everyday lives – the people look to ‘you’ for help/answers. It’s a rewarding job and we are happy to have you onboard.”

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