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By Douglas Sciorra

Meet Doug Sciorra, Canisteo nature photographer

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View some of Sciorra’s best shots, contact the artist

By Andrew Harris


I met Doug on a mushroom lovers page after stumbling across some of this great shots. Read about Doug in this biography he provided:

“We live our lives in the shadow of non-existence or you might say the annihilation of our mythos. We grow and develop into more curated versions of ourselves. I am both formally trained and self taught in several forms of visual art, I also have interest and some skill in the art of percussion, and the study of philosophy. 

Along our way certain things spark our interest. For me, there’s just never enough to learn and do wherever you are. I’ve lived, worked, and created most of my life right here in western New York though. I haven’t always loved the weather here, but it grows on you if you let it. I’ve found some things I enjoy about all of the seasons. New York has some of the most amazing natural spaces and wildlife.

It’s a never ending adventure to get outside and see what’s happening in and around the hills and valleys of western New York as the seasons change. We are home to many creatures large and small, as well as many plants and fungi. We have some of the most spectacular sunsets! I try to capture a little of it all and share what I can with others so that they might enjoy it too. I have found rare things of beauty here in the Allegany plateau. So, who am I as a nature centric adventurer and sunset documentarian? Well, I’m here.”

Like Doug’s photos? See more and contact him on Instagram @douglasSciorra or email him anytime, [email protected]

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