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By Craig Braack

Troopers stunned by homemade inspection sticker during investigation, but the driver was honest

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Well, they were honest.

The New York State Police were working on an investigation in the Southern Tier town of Endwell when they walked past an interesting windshield. 

A homemade inspection sticker was on the window.

But, it wasn’t a complete scam. The vehicle owner used the inspection sticker to explain why the sticker was fake, fees to register a vehicle in New York state were more than his budget allowed with a family.

The year and months were all drawn with a black marker.

The sticker said “Sorry life sux” under the state part and then “insufficient funds and a baby.”

It would be nice to find this person and help them get the vehicle legally inspected. Life wouldn’t sux as much.

Troopers did not say if they pursued the owner for a ticket, but they did enjoy the effort, posting on social media, “Troopers at SP Endwell were conducting another investigation when they caught something off about this inspection sticker…”

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