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By Douglas Sciorra

Survey says: Hornell’s loyalty lies with Wegmans

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In a hypothetical scenario set in the future, Walmart must go

By Andrew Harris

This question may have seemed a little “out there” to some readers, and it did require a little imagination. But the premise is reality in many communities across the country. Shopping centers, aka, malls, and big box stores have been a noticable causulty of the internet, or specifically, shopping on the internet. They have shuttered, downsized, and become a shadow of the past glory days when we all went to the mall.

We asked this question despite the fact that today, the north Hornell shopping plaza is very healthy. Even so, it is a tale of two big box stores, both with a constant stream of customers. Walmart, smells like a shipping container, and is a stressful experience for many. When you walk in to Wegman’s, the smell of a bakery, fresh coffee, and flowers seems to actually relieve the stress of the day.

Even though they do share many of the same items, the difference between the two can be easily described as “quality.” Less easy to define, Walmart makes you feel like you are about to get the best price possible, but don’t expect the best possible. When you go into Wegman’s, it feels like quality, it looks like quality, it offers quality choices, and it stand behind every purchase. Very few people can deny that Wegman’s offers has a clear ‘quality’ edge over Walmart.

If this is a glimpse in to the future of retail in America, the readers of the Hornell Sun have a message: Those who will remain a force in the “brick and mortar” retail space will be those who focus on quality over price.

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