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Raising awareness for opioid overdoses in Steuben County

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Public Health Department will begin sharing monthly overdose data

The Steuben County Public Health Department in partnership with Steuben County Community Services, Steuben County 911, and the Steuben Prevention Coalition’s Opioid Committee are bringing awareness to opioid overdoses in Steuben County. Monthly updates will be shared on the known number of overdoses, fatalities, and Narcan administrations.

We and our partners are in the business of saving lives and working to keep people healthy. Opioids are a current threat to the health and safety of our residents, with known overdoses more than doubling from 2020 to 2022. By raising awareness about the reality our county is facing and through sharing resources, we hope to start reversing that trend.

Steuben County began utilizing the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) in 2020. ODMAP is used by local first responders to input suspected overdoses, fatalities, and instances of Narcan administration. While not all incidences that occur in Steuben are likely to be included, e.g. those that occur without medical intervention, a better idea of what is happening in Steuben is captured through the program.

In 2021, 246 suspected overdoses, 13 fatalities, and 102 administrations of Narcan were reported in ODMAP. In 2022, 289 suspected overdoses, 12 fatalities, and 92 administrations of Narcan were reported in ODMAP. In January 2023, 22 suspected overdoses, 1 fatality, and 7 administrations of Narcan were reported in ODMAP, which is on trend with last year’s numbers.

Local support is available. Steuben County Substance Abuse Services (SCASAS) offers outpatient services in Bath (607-664-2156), Corning (607-937-6201), and Hornell (607-324-2483) as well as after hour services (607-937-7800). CASA Trinity in Hornell (607-282-5200) and Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital in Bath offer detox and inpatient services as well. Residents are also encouraged to call 211 for other local supports.

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