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Crews work on the future Union Square Park and Hornell is getting excited!

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Read the reaction from social media about the Maple City’s new project

By Andrew Harris, photo by Drew Golden

Earlier in April the City of Hornell announced groundbreaking on a very big deal for Hornell. Thanks to the state grant funding that the city was awarded a real community asset is being built. The news caught the eye of a New York State leaders”

Secretary of State Robert Rodriguez said this about the project:

 “The return of Union Square to Hornell’s downtown marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of this city, and I look forward to seeing the completion of this project and how it will benefit Hornell residents for generations to come.”        

The folks who love Hornell also had plenty to say about the progress:

Ryan Gaffney raved: “Turning a vacant lot downtown into a park AND small stage for concerts. Blessed to have community leaders committed to bringing a more vibrant Hornell for current and future generations!!”

Sue Hann said, “Looks like some great soil there,things should grow well,I’m always glad to see a green space.🌿🥀🌿🌳🐝

Stephanie Crosby looks to the future: “This little park is being built for our grandchildren and future generations. They didn’t know the old park…they will have good thought about this one. We have our memories and can’t go back. Let’s appreciate what is being built now.”

Read more about the groundbreaking earlier this month and stay tuned for updates on the rebirth of Union Square Park!!

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