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By Craig Braack

Alfred State awards Pioneer Award to Daniel Foster,  Sandy Burdick, Timothy Dickerson, and Dan Jardine

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The four have, “have shown a consistent level of exceptional performance throughout their employment”

From Alfred State College,

Alfred State’s Sandy Burdick, Timothy Dickerson, Daniel Foster, and Dan Jardine were honored with Pioneer Awards at the annual Recognition Celebration.

The Pioneer Award acknowledges those who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to the college’s mission and goals, have made contributions that have had a measurable positive impact on college operations, are seen as positive role models that show creativity and initiative, and have shown a consistent level of exceptional performance throughout their employment.

Burdick, the assistant director of student unions, has served Alfred State with distinction for over a decade. She has served on countless committees and her involvement and support of the college continues to increase. Her work post COVID has helped create a welcoming and supportive environment for students and their clubs.

Her support of civic engagement and student development on her own time has been a difference maker in so many lives. As a champion for Project Prom Dress, she has been key in the acquisition and disbursement of hundreds of dresses to the local community.

With changes in her department, Burdick has stepped up and led the department. Her commitment to her colleagues and peers was significant and the department not only survived but thrived during the transition.

Her level of performance is more than just task oriented; it is relationship building, overcoming obstacles, and investment in Alfred State.

Dickerson, an assistant professor in the electrical, machine tool, and welding department, is the welding and machine tool sensei. He is calm, cool, and collective. His contributions to his colleagues and his students are hard to measure.

He is credited for his ability to teach and advocate for his students. He also assists his colleagues, new or experienced. Over the last year, he has mentored multiple new instructors as they begin their teaching careers at the Northland campus. He invites both instructors and students to Wellsville for training.

When machinery breaks in his area, Dickerson handles most of the repairs. This saves money and allows for the students to return to their hands-on learning. He has worked at every open house since starting and has been key to the strong enrollment in the CNC Machining program.

Foster, a supervising janitor, is a role model and an asset to the college. He understands the mission and goals of the college and strives to do what is best for students, faculty, and staff.

He sets a consistent level of professionalism that is unmatched. His unbiased outlook on life and values is a trait to be admired.

The way Foster does his job and tends to the needs and wants of the custodial staff is exemplary. He treats his staff courteously and with respect, his door is always open for advice, and his service is first class and sets a high bar for future supervisors.

Jardine, the director of institutional research, is not only a role model as evidenced by his willingness to help others, but as demonstrated through his own dedication and willingness to help those around him. He is positive, dedicated, and hardworking.

He regularly goes above and beyond to assist every data request that comes through his office, oftentimes with little to no lead time. He takes the time to mentor those under his supervision, serves on a variety of committees, and has served in a key role for the Middle States reaffirmation process.

Jardine has invested a considerable amount of time improving the data used in many departments on campus. He has proactively built, adapted, and streamlined data requests and provides exceptional data that assists every facet of the organization.

He is an exceptional leader that demonstrates a can-do attitude and will find a way to solve any problem that comes his way. He has and continues to make a difference at Alfred State.

The quartet received a gift and a certificate to commemorate the honor.

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