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By Craig Braack

Town of Alfred will examine telecommunications law at upcoming planning board meeting

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Meeting set for 7pm on August 8

The Town of Alfred announced that the upcoming meeting of the town planning board:

“The Town of Alfred Planning Board will meet at the Town building on Shaw Road, Monday August 8th at 7 pm. The purpose of the meeting will be to review the draft Telecommunications and Wireless law and develop a list of questions to submit to the Town Board to ascertain their views on tailoring the law to meet the needs of Alfred.”

Town Supervisor Dan Acton explained that the town is currently examining model laws that could be adopted in the town of Alfred. “They have an example they want to adapt to the town. Also reviewing a SEQR for modification of an existing cell tower.”

In June, the town of Alfred held a public hearing on enacting a law that banned new construction of towers that emit microwaves. Read that story below:

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