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By Douglas Sciorra

Town Hall Meeting inspires change in attitude

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Remembering and learning from Emilee Clark

Pictured are Kimberly and Dean Clark

BATH – Kimberly Clark stood in the bright noon sunshine Wednesday in Pulteney Square and spoke of one of the darkest nights of her life.

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“My daughter, Emilee would be here today if she didn’t have one or two too many drinks,” Clark told dozens of people at a Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking. “Drinks that caused her to distract her friend from driving.”

A graduate of Dansville High School and Keuka College, Emilee loved singing, dancing and German Shepherds.

She died late July 23, 2019 following injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Clark asked if was worth taking the chance of the poor choice to drink, vape, ignore the seatbelt, distract the driver.

“I can tell you what Emilee would say,” Clark said. “She would say ‘No!’”

Clark urged people to make better, life-saving choices and spare their loved- ones unimaginable grief: Hold friends accountable, wear seatbelts, put the phone away, don’t allow empty containers in the vehicle.

She called on others to use Emilee’s life as an inspiration for change.

“Go hug your parents and tell them you love them” Clark said. “As parents we don’t get that chance anymore.”

The event was sponsored by the Steuben Prevention Coalition and its task force on underage drinking and featured comments by Steuben County Sheriff James Allard.

Sheriff Allard speaks at the event

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