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By Douglas Sciorra

Steuben County Public Health details two years of Covid-19 response

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Read public comments from residents

By Andrew Harris

County health officials have released some key metrics from pandemic response in 2020 and 2022. The numbers are interesting: SCPH delivered over 100,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, ranging from masks to latex gloves. The county provided 170 vaccine clinics and vaccinated over 21,000 residents. Outreach and information efforts were prolific, with 630 press releases and thousands of social media “posts.” Read some of the reaction that county residents had to the overview below:

Pam Manktelow: “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so appreciative to have an excellent Public Health as a resource for our Family Practice office. You’ve help us more than you know.”

Joshua Anthony: “Once again, true heroes ! I sense another challenge coin in the future !!! TYFYS !”

Amanda Williams Crosson: “Two people I know (16&32), who had heart conditions, died months after getting that vaccine. One forced by their employer. I will NEVER get it.”

Sean McElroy: “You left out the largest transfer of wealth in human history.”

Mitch Glenn: “You guys saved lives. My family and I are grateful.”

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