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Poll question of the week: Should the City of Hornell Police Department provide regular reporting of arrests to the public ?

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HPD provides a police blotter for review at headquarters in City Hall

By Andrew Harris

This week’s question was suggested by a reader, resident, and business owner in Hornell. The question isn’t new to us, we’ve asked the police department why they do not publish a regular report?

Well they do actually, but only one is available to the public and you have to visit the police department to review it. One imagines a clipboard that must be signed out on a release form, held by a second clipboard.

Either way it is quaint, but also a little less than accessible to the public, or the press. I’m sure Chief Tim O’Grady of the Wellsville Police Department is a bit jealous of the HPD policy. His department posts all arrests, with names and addresses of the crime and criminal on Facebook. While Wellsville residents are more aware of where and when crime is being addressed, the comment section can be rough. That said, almost everyone arrested by that department must say to themselves, “oh no this will be on Facebook.” More of a deterrant than jail these days….

Canisteo PD releases all arrests to most media outlets in the form of press release. The Steuben County Sheriff releases arrests on Facebook with pictures of those arrested. New York State Police provide almost every activity, regardless of an arrest to the media and public. Hornell PD is a rare animal in only providing major reports or public safety announcements on social media or via press release.

Have your say: Should HPD take an additional step to provide regular arrest reports or is that unreasonable to ask of those charged with public safety in a crazy world. Or should they keep operating the same way they have for many years ?

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