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By Douglas Sciorra

All Hornell City Schools, “after-school” activities are cancelled

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Message from Superintendent Jeremy Palotti:

Given the forecasted snowfall for this evening, all afterschool activities in the Hornell City School District are canceled for today. 

What does this mean?-The High School Band concert scheduled for tonight will be moved to next Wednesday 12/21 at 7:30 PM-The Intermediate School’s “After S’cool” program will not run tonight.  Parents and caregivers, please communicate with the Intermediate School’s Main Office at 607-324-1304 if your child’s dismissal plans will be different today than from Friday dismissals when children do not attend this program. -The North Hornell School-based afterschool program operated by the Children’s Home will accept children after dismissal, however parents should pick their children up as soon as possible after the school’s typical dismissal.-All athletic practices for tonight are canceled. -All rehearsals scheduled for tonight are canceled.-All community uses of the school buildings are canceled for tonight. 

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