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By Craig Braack

Mary Huntington honored at 100 years, Mayor Ninos declares her “First Lady of Alfred”

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Mary came to Alfred in 1964, see the celebration GALLERY

From Alfred State College, pictured is Mary with family

The local community gathered at the Lake Lodge to celebrate Mary Huntington’s 100th birthday. Huntington walked in thinking she was attending a end-of-year celebration only to find friends and families present to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

Mary Huntington came to Alfred in 1964 when her husband David was named the seventh President of the college. She has continually displayed her love for the college, the students, and the community. She is a strong presence not only on campus but in the nearby community.

Alfred Mayor James Ninos read a proclamation that officially declared Mary Huntington the First Lady of Alfred.  


Current Alfred State President Dr. Steven Mauro has learned the importance and impact that Mary has had to the college and the community. “Ms. Mary Huntington has been a distinguished member of the Alfred State College community since the earliest days of the formation of SUNY. Her dedication to the college over the past 50 years is unparalleled and she serves as an inspiration to us all.”

“Mary is the grand lady of Alfred State,” commented Patricia K. Fogarty, Alfred State College Council chair. “She supports every endeavor we have. She has financially supported the school. She has participated in numerous committees, but more importantly, she is always there to encourage our students, our staff, and the various people who have roles at Alfred State.”

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