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By Craig Braack

Biggie’s Comes Through Glowingly For Accessibility

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A great Friday night on the town in Hornell

By Vincent Martinelli,

Last Friday the 13th, Biggie’s Texmex restaurant and bar in Hornell hosted a Halloween themed glow party. As a lover of all things Halloween, I naturally gravitated toward the event. I had never been to the venue before so a couple days prior to the event I drove by to verify that it was handicap accessible. Unfortunately it was not accessible, or so I thought at first blush. 

I decided to give Biggie’s a call to inquire about possible solutions because I was not to be foiled by a step, nay nay. I called and left a message, but my call was promptly returned by a very nice woman that turned out to be the manager. She said she would talk to the owner and call me with a solution. Before the day was out the manager called me back and said that her boss had a ramp that would work.

Fast forward to the night of “Jason’s return.” I arrive early to find a parking spot and to get a place inside. As I drive up, I am directed to the perfect spot where my ramp has enough room to deploy onto an even surface and no other vehicle can park next to me. Once unloaded I proceed to the main entrance where a very helpful employee dressed as a “glow chicken” has set up a nice ramp with an easily manageable pitch, but he did provide a helpful push. Once inside I was directed to a reserved table near an open outlet where I could conveniently charge my breathing machine. 

I had a really enjoyable night out, as it was the first Halloween party I have been to as an adult, and certainly the first glow party of my life. I would like to give a big shout out to Biggie’s for making the night possible for me and being so helpful and accommodating. I will surely be back for another party and most likely back just for the food at some point. If you have never been I highly recommend a visit because they have good food and drinks and definitely know how to have a good time!

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