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City of Hornell Police Department Awarded Over $188,000 in NYS Grant

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Chief Murray: “I would also like to thank Captain Sexsmith for his efforts of writing the grant”

From the City of Hornell,

The Hornell Police Department (HPD) recently received news that it has been awarded $188,647 in grant funds from the State of New York. The funding is provided to law enforcement offices throughout the state to support technological improvements and investments.

The grant was spearheaded through the Mayor’s office, as Mayor Buckley collaborated with HPD on the receipt and completion of the application. Mayor Buckley expressed his enthusiasm about the benefits of this funding for the department, stating, “The upgrades will provide our department with updated and improved tools, ultimately benefitting the Hornell community. We are deeply appreciative to the State of New York for these funds. Anytime we receive grant funds, it alleviates spending from the City taxpayer. These tools will improve safety for pedestrians and enhance efficiency for our department.”

The grant will be used to acquire:

•           2 fully outfitted police cars

•           5 tasers

•           2 solar LED school zone signs

•           3 solar radar feedback traffic signs

•           2 digital mobile radios

•           5 mobile thermal printers

•           New computer workstations throughout the department

The department detailed their needs in the application, noting the benefits of the equipment. Marked police units will replace older vehicles in service with safer and more reliable vehicles. The vehicles will be used for patrol, as well as vehicle and traffic enforcement.

Chief Ted Murray highlighted the benefits of the school zone signs, stating, “The LED school zone signs will be really valuable, especially during the morning commute with heavier traffic patterns on Seneca St. These signs will increase visibility and awareness for motorists, and improve safety crossing Seneca Street.”

Chief Murray also addressed the radar feedback signs, noting their potential impact on residents’ concerns about speeding, stating, “We receive complaints about speeding motorists at entry points to the City; whether it’s motorists speeding up when departing the City, or traveling at an excessive speed when entering the City. These signs will alert motorists of their speeds, and our department will continue to closely monitor these areas.”

The new tasers, Taser 7 Electronic Control Devices, will replace aging Taser X2s that are in need of replacement due to operational deficiencies, as well as wear and tear. The Taser 7 upgrade includes the hardware, software, as well as licensing for 5 years, and offers improved, rechargeable battery supplies. The application detailed the taser program as a crucial, less-than-lethal alternative utilized to de-escalate dangerous situations.

The application highlighted the advanced age of the current workstations at the police station, emphasizing the need for new computers, updated systems, monitors, and printers to improve access to various platforms used daily. “The new workstations will significantly enhance our department’s speed and efficiency. We will be updating our reporting system to a county-wide system, and these new workstations will improve compatibility with that system. This will enhance our system for everyone in the county,” noted Murray.

Captain Michael Sexsmith, who completed the application for the grant, expressed his appreciation for the funds, stating, “We are happy to receive this grant and be able to make important upgrades to our department.”

Chief Murray concluded, “We are deeply grateful to the State of New York for these much-needed funds. I would also like to thank Captain Sexsmith for his efforts of writing the grant. We are exploring additional opportunities of possibly adding on to the grant for further improvements, and appreciate the hard work that goes into these applications to keep our department as effective and efficient as possible.”

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